The Third Book: Two Spirits


An escaped slave learns the bonesetting trade by spying on a child master. A mythical boulder coughs up beings—and swallows souls. A loss at the World Series of Kids League Baseball leads to suicide pact—and a last hoorah. Two serial killers – one old, one young – find themselves locked in a basement office—and only one will emerge.

Twins, soulmates, doppelgängers, and multiple personalities inhabit Two Spirits, the third book in Ian Blake Newhem’s A Million Words Away project. A collection of eight interpenetrating novellas, intercut with an unproduced screenplay, it explores myths, modern and ancient.

Its cast – a 10-year-old gunshot victim, an expat widower, a social media influencer, a rebellious tribal elder, yeshiva students, cancer patients, a Jewish rapper, randy teens, all have in common an indissoluble link to the fictional Kittakwa Native American reservation in upstate New York. The psychospiritual shadow of “The Rez” looms huge in all their lives, even if they’ve trundled far away.



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