Gil Nevo Collab

I’m fucking thrilled out of my gourd that Gil Nevo will design the collectible box for the 12 books in the A Million Words Away project. 

Gil’s a DTLA artist, designer, creative director, brand strategist, entrepreneur, and sometimes writer. He’s a fellow Gen-X’er who grew up in West Hollywood, and, like, me, rode his dirt bike all over creation—dreaming, imagining, connecting with everything and everyone around him—or dying to connect. 

Yeah, sure, it’s cool he’s worked with the world’s top agencies, brands, and entertainers—Coca Cola, Cirque du Soleil, Ben & Jerry’s, Vitamin Water, and, most excitingly for me, the publisher Little, Brown. 

And, OK, it’s supercool he’s a TV dude, a moviemaker, an app developer; and even more (über-)cool he worked for years as an animator on Southpark—100 episodes. 

But more than anything, Gil’s an artist. He makes art. He talks art. He lives art. And that’s why I chose him. 

That, and the fact his art really rings my tumor. It’s weird. It’s fun. It’s cartoony, pastiche-y, slightly psychedelic—but not too much so. It’s accessible yet not strictly naïve. Its profound and at the same time so maddeningly simple. Its influences find themselves rooted in urban pop culture and the deep, collective well of Campbellesque nonconscious: 

Wooly monsters. Weirdo monkeys. Iconic images and archetypes askew. They’d all make great labels for acid brands. 

It’s a big deal for me that I get to work with the likes of Gil. Check out more of his stuff at  @gilnevo_art. 

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