Gil Nevo Collab

Previous Next I’m fucking thrilled out of my gourd that Gil Nevo will design the collectible box for the 12 books in the A Million Words Away project.  Gil’s a DTLA artist, designer, creative director, brand strategist, entrepreneur, and sometimes writer. He’s a fellow Gen-X’er who grew up in West Hollywood, and, like, me, rode …

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Mansion on O Street & O Street Museum Collab

Previous Next A Million Words Away (i.e. I, Blake) just accepted a marvelously generous offer to become an Artist-in-Residence at the amazing, immersive, overwhelmingly tactile Mansion on O Street & O Street Museum in Washington, D.C. I couldn’t be more chuffed and humbled. Documented by Norman Mailer through James Patterson; supported by musicians such as Emmylou Harris, …

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