Healing Star

An historical love triangle – a teenage drummer at war with a painful past, aided by a mysterious young stranger and the girl they both love – struggles together against the forces of violence as a people fight for their freedom.

The Elephants, I

One elephant saves three generations on two continents—but who will save her from humanity? The Elephants, I is an epic saga of personal past merging with collective histories, of framed and nested stories.

Two Spirits

Twins, soulmates, doppelgängers, and multiple personalities inhabit Two Spirits. A collection of eight interpenetrating novellas, intercut with an unproduced screenplay, it explores myths, modern and ancient.

The Wise Man Says Perhaps

Some kind of monster – a “dragon in suburbia” – attacks Bram and four of his friends on a hike in the woods in 1982. Bram disappears into a fugue state. A first-year psychiatrist must risk everything to bring him back—but maybe Bram really is a prince in another realm, who “disappeared” into 1982.

Chelsea Flip

Find out whether the mixed-up, half-naked gay boy band, Blood Brothers, makes its long-awaited New York debut before the Towers collapse.

Quiddity, or The Ballad of Arapaho Gaol

Who is the kid who comes out of a snow squall, half-frozen, with iced-over eyelashes and a spectral aspect? Could it possibly be Jarred Perfect, former go-go boy extraordinaire? If so, what happened to his famous seahorse tattoo—and who took his soul?

Sweet Air

Lucas Layme, a nitrous-addled dentist, finds himself schooled by a homeless preteen who might or might not possess supernatural prowess.

The Body of a Boy

As the new kid and only Jew among the predominantly German-American Holyfield, Iowa boys, increasingly isolated Josh Weist finds solace, and crawls out from the shadow of his father’s identity when a local farmer starts taking him alone to Arrow Lake. All well and good—at first.

Good Spirits

Ryan Wheeler’s 17th year is a doozy. Just when it seems life can’t slip any farther off-beam, Ryan sloppily tells his best friend, David, that he loves him.To love – to live – both boys must confront a horror from the past.

The Imp of the Fraternal

What is the “hot shit” Hollywood character actor doing in the loft above his car collection; from whence the weird incantations, and blue shifting light?

Justus & Rion

16-year old African-American hockey player Justus, unjustly accused of harming a child he swore to protect, will burn down and salt the Earth – not to clear his own name – but to save the boy, his little brother, from their real tormentor.

An Illustrated History
Of Unfortunate Timing

High schoolers Wyatt and Denny make a suicide pact. At least one of them sees it that way.