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A Million Words Away

Howdy, I’m Blake, a 50-year old writer who got diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma – nicknamed “Ollie” – a brain tumor sitting on the language processing center of my left frontal lobe—oops! 

Sooner or later, Ollie will erode my ability to write. Before that happens, I vow to write 12 books of fiction in 12 months. This might be my best chance to leave a legacy. Are you in?

Book Two: The Elephants, I

The Elephants, I is an epic saga of personal past merging with collective histories, of framed & nested stories, in the vein of Cloud Atlas and Infinite Jest. It elucidates the agony of loss; the hardship of keeping family intact; the bliss of reading the masters; the challenge of translation; & the elusive, joyful, complicated symmetries that intertwine our lives, whatever our species. High concept? One elephant saves three generations on two continents.

Read more about The Elephants, I here.

The brain behind the words

Before I lose my language ability, I need to get 12 books of fiction – one a month – to you, my beloved reader. I’ll write the books in numerous genres & formats, with various world-class collaborators, using multiple different writing gurus to advise me. 

I must complete these books or my life will not have been worth living; I will not have lived up to the blessing of my brain, the gift of my consciousness. I’ve spent my whole life writing for, editing, advising, & serving others: my students as a professor; my author-clients as a ghost; other writers as a National Writers Union contract adviser; & my fellow citizens as a volunteer firefighter. 

 Now it’s finally our time to share my fiction—a million words of it. Are you in? If you are, you can support me on Patreon here.

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I’ll chronicle the process of writing each book, following a different writing guru’s editorial counsel. Together, we’ll put the world’s greatest writing advice to the test in the real world, under life and death – write or die – conditions. 

This November, I’ll be writing Two Spirit. I think of it as Into the Wild meets The Blair Witch Project with an LGBTQ bent. Cheerful and charming Augusten Talbot is one of America’s most beloved young social media influencers, now starring in his first major motion picture at 17. Winter Sullivan, 18, is Auggie’s brooding and blunt stunt- — and butt — double. When the two disappear into the snowpack of New Mexico after a bus crash, their roles reverse. Auggie has to save Winter from dying of his dire injuries–and from a band of predatory mountain folk who want to consume the kid, body and soul.

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